Hinterland Woods is a platform for the sculptural work of Jocelyn Mudry, an independent Canadian artist. She attended the University of Victoria receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her main focus during school was photography and would build spaces, costumes and props using different mediums, including wire, textiles and wood to create worlds within her photos. What began as a supplement to her photography has now become the focus of her creative language. 

Influenced by form, quality craftsmanship, and nature she is able to turn the landscapes of Canada and earthen materials into contemporary design. Through the creation of wearable art and sculpture, Jocelyn hopes to create a kinship between art, design, whimsy, wilderness and the daily experience. 

Each piece is hand crafted with care by Jocelyn at her Fernie, BC studio in the Rocky Mountains.

For frequent updates and images of new work, follow on Instagram.